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5 Dec

If you want to see a Las Vegas landmark and experience a vintage hotel casino, it’s time to book a stay at the Stratosphere. This iconic hotel is ideally situated on the Las Vegas strip in proximity to Freemont Street and the glitz of the newest casinos in town. You can expect only the best from the Stratosphere, when you book a Las Vegas from Toronto vacation. 


The Tower at the Stratosphere is unmistakable when you look at the Las Vegas skyline, and it houses some extreme attractions for you and your friends. You can do the Sky Jump or a thrill ride that you’ll never forget. You can also tour the observation deck and see the Las Vegas strip from one of the most intriguing vantage points in town. You can see the big casino hotels, along with the beauty of the desert hills surrounding Las Vegas. 


There are a variety of shows for you to enjoy at the Stratosphere, and they are constantly changing. You can expect live music, comedy shows and a variety of restaurants to choose from, any night that you stay there. A Las Vegas from Toronto trip is one in which you’ll have the opportunity to gamble, party and relax, whether it is poolside or while at a slot machine. The choice is yours. When you compare Toronto to Las Vegas vacations, the entertainment in Las Vegas is worth traveling to see. 

Toronto to Las Vegas vacations are fun and full of adventure, making it important to book a trip at least once in your lifetime. The Stratosphere is unique among all Las Vegas hotel casinos, given its high-quality accommodations and attractions. Visit to learn more about traveling to Las Vegas. 

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