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Natural healing sources - thermal mineral water and unique sulphuric mud - are the cornerstones of the Piestany spa, which has become world-famous thanks to its modern methods of treating rheumatism and other locomotive disorders. Spa Piestany is located on beautiful Spa Island, which has a luxurious park, rich cultural and social life and numerous possibilities for active relaxation.

What is treated in Piestany?

Piestany is known for its effectiveness in the treatment of many rheumatic diseases, so it is popular for a long time in many countries.

Indications for treatment in Piestany are:

rheumatoid arthritis and its accompanying complications
Ankylosing spondylitis
degenerative diseases of hip joint ( coxarthrosis )
state after infectious arthritis
spondylosis and spondylarthrosis
gouty arthritis
rheumatism without damage of joints
radicular syndrome
treatment after inflammatory central nervous system diseases
one side full or partial paralysis of body
Piestany resort also has specialized children's sanatorium "Green Tree".

Indications for treatment of children:

Cerebral Palsy, diseases of peripheral nervous system; movement disorders after trauma, encephalitis or myelitis, post-surgery of brain and spinal cord cancer, rehabilitation after an insult; congenital or acquired.

How the treatment in Piestany passes?

After arrival to a sanatorium, doctor-balneologists will meet you to clarify the history of the disease, listen to your complaints and assign treatment. If necessary, your doctor may prescribe additional examinations and/or laboratory tests.

For complex locomotorium diseases in sanatoriums of Piestany is carried out a special diagnostics. It is in order to verify muscle tone, degree of neurological, motor disorders, and a condition of spine.
Treatment in Piestany includes such areas:

Water therapy.
Thermal baths and thermal pool use middle acidic -hydrogen-carbon, calcium, sodium, sulfuric water and give the greatest therapeutic effect. Water`s natural temperature is about 67-69 ° C. Since thermal water of Piestany contains sulfates, sulfites, sulfides, it has very positive effect on musculoskeletal system.
Thermal baths as a treatment are offered by all sanatoriums in Piestany. Pool with 100% natural thermal water is in Irma Spa Center. In addition, among other major water procedures are pearl baths, underwater massage, sulfur baths, carbonic baths.

An important component of this type of treatment is drinking rate of thermal mineral water. It has a positive effect on gastrointestinal tract, kidney flushes and cleans intestines.

Mud therapy.

With the medical point of view, sulfuric mud of Piestany is one of the highest quality mud in the world. Mud therapy in Piestany includes mud wraps and mud pool.
Mud wraps are common applications. A mud layer up to 5 cm is applied to a whole body (except for the head, neck, heart and local applications that are held locally) by hand or with a hose.

Mud pool a reservoir that is filled with silt sulfide mud thickness of 30 cm. Above the mud there is a layer of thermal water thickness about 50-90 cm at 40 ° C. Heat of thermal water and mud dilates blood vessels, relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure. Water and mud minerals are absorbed into skin. It is necessary to stay in pool 10 minutes. You can sit, stand or walk slowly from side to side during this procedure. After it dry wrap for 15-20 minutes must be done obligatorily.

Natural gas treatment.

Natural gas, which is used for gas injections and dry carbon dioxide baths, improves circulation, stabilizes the pressure, has analgesic effects.


Electroplating, diadynamic, diathermy, biolamp, laser therapy on problem areas give anti-inflammatory, analgesic and bio-stimulating effects.


Physiotherapy is a prerequisite of a good locomotorium treatment. In addition to traditional treatments physical therapy in the gym and pool spa resorts in Piestany actively use physiotherapy techniques. With a help of special simulators it is conducted rehabilitation of patients with severe locomotorium diseases. This process is carried out in conjunction with other physiotherapy procedures.

Contraindications to treatment in Piestany

infectious diseases

severe heart diseases
acute thrombophlebitis
inflammatory rheumatic diseases in the acute stage
metastatic neoplastic diseases
acute psychosis
epilepsy with frequent attacks

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