Karlovy Vary

What is treated in Karlovy Vary?

digestive diseases

stomach and 12 duodenal ulcer, bowel, gall bladder, pancreas and chronic liver diseases, rehabilitation after stomach, gall bladder and intestines surgery.

metabolic disorders
diabetes mellitus, obesity, podagra, lipid metabolism disorders.

locomotorium diseases
metabolic diseases with the joints damage, vertebral syndrome (pain in back), painful functional vertebra disorders, traumatic and postoperative locomotorium treatment, deforming and arthritis without inflammation, problems of vertebral and joints depreciation, juvenile scoliosis.

after oncological treatment
stomach, colon, rectum, mammary gland cancer (after a comprehensive cancer treatment, with no signs of activity).

How the treatment in Karlovy Vary passes?

Once placed in a sanatorium you will have a consultation with doctor - balneologists, who will update your diagnosis with additional analyzes, if necessary. At once, you will be assigned an individual drinking course of thermal mineral water, which you will take in a certain dosage three times a day from one or more of Carlsbad thermal sources (there are 12 sources at the resort). In addition to the drinking course you will get an appointment to medical procedures. The type of procedures will depend on the nature and course of your main and concomitant diseases. Total distinguish five main areas of Carlsbad classical procedures: hydrotherapy, mud, natural gas treatment, electrotherapy, physiotherapy. In addition, complementary procedures are appointed. There are more than 30 species of them at all.

To expedite the appointment of a medical course, you are advised to have your copies of medical records, laboratory tests, X-rays for the last year. Firstly, it will help doctors to choose the best methods of treatment for you. Secondly, you don't have to spend your time on other repeated tests.

The mainstay of treatment for patients with diseases of the digestive tract is drinking course of thermal mineral water. Thermal water has complex medicinal effect on a body, it improves the functioning of the digestive tract, metabolism, eliminates acute and chronic inflammatory processes, promotes the excretion of toxic substances.

Read more about drinking of thermal mineral water.

Spa treatment in Karlovy Vary - is not only drinking courses, but also a passage of medical procedures in the sanatorium.

Classic Carlsbad treatments include:

Hydrotherapy: natural thermal bath , pearl mineral bath, underwater massage , hydroxeur , natural carbonic bath , whirlpool baths for upper or lower limbs. These procedures help to improve blood supply, normalization of metabolic processes, improve the condition of bones and cartilage tissues, improve immunity. However, if it is important for you to bathe in natural Carlsbad thermal water , keep in mind that in some sanatoriums pearl mineral baths are conducted without the use of natural thermal water.
Mud treatment. Natural medical mud, which is used in such procedures as mud wraps, mud baths, parafango, relieves muscle spasms, pain, stimulates regenerative processes in tissues, improves the condition of locomotor system.
Electrotherapy. Includes such procedures as galvanic baths, diadynamics, magnetic. Variable frequency currents warm tissues and help to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Electrotherapy also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on a body.
Treatment by natural gas. Natural gas injections, dry carbon dioxide baths, carbonic bath. Improves circulation, has analgesic effects.
Physiotherapy. Above all, this is individual and group therapeutic exercises in the pool and gym. It really helps in vertebra diseases and postoperative conditions.
In addition to the basic procedures there is an extensive range of complementary procedures: lymphatic drainage, oxygen therapy, hydroxeur, whirlpool baths, Sharko shower, ultrasound, gingival irrigation, inhalation, magnet therapy , acupuncture , cryotherapy, various kinds of massages.
Diet therapy is an integral element of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary. Diet is prescribed individually for each patient, depending on the nature of disease and the characteristics of its course. In various sanatoriums diet food may include: dietary table or numbering diet system.

To enjoy most effective staying in a sanatorium it is recommended to undergo 3 weeks cure, since patient's condition becomes noticeably better on the second week.

Needless to say, that in the course of planning a trip to Karlovy Vary, you may have a mass of different issues. In this case, please contact for a free consultation with our doctor-balneologists.

Contraindications to treatment in Karlovy Vary

Acute stage of all chronic diseases

Acute bleeding
Cancer metastasis
Liver cirrhosis
Biliary tract infection
Active tuberculosis
Acute cardiac failure

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