Spa town -Jachymov. Why radon treatment is absolutely safe?

The spa town Jachymov is well-known especially thanks to its mineral wealth, which significantly interferes with the history of the town as well as spa. Spa Jachymov is the first radon spa in the world, which makes it unique and mush sought-after for many tourists. The rich history of Jachymov can offer us view of beautiful historical monuments such as churches, town hall and the most well-known Royal Mint, all created in the twenties of the 16th century. The town building followed Renaissance ways, as well as the Freudenstein castle, thanks to rich deposits of silver ore.

The year 1864 is considered a golden year, when a spring jetted out in the mine called Svornos?. Several years later, namely in 1906, th first private spa was established, which used radioactive water. Quality healing effects decided about next destiny of the new spa. A spa hotel has been opened in 1912, which today proudly bears the name of Radium Palace, formerly known as Rádium Kurhaus.

The spa Jachymov has radon water. It is supplied by pipeline from four springs to the spa. Healing means - radon mineral waters achieve excellent results in treatment especially of movement apparatus disorders and also of some nervous diseases. Spa Jachymov, situated in the Carlsbad region, offers also other possibilities of spending your leisure time. Following the motto, with sport to health, the spa Jachymov offer various sport attractions, such as tennis, cycling, swimming or minigolf. You can enjoy unforgettable experience in the spa Jachymov thanks to beautiful nature, harmonic surroundings, spa architecture and fresh air.

Why radon treatment is absolutely safe?

There are many prejudices about radon treatment and that it can be harmful.
However, numerous researches and decades of spa treatments in Jachymov confirmed that radon is completely safe for body. During procedures a negligible amount of radon gets in tissues. It does not accumulate in body and is excreted rapidly for about 20 minutes.

If you get a fully cure of radon therapy (21 days), the magnitude of the dose of radiation corresponds to a single X-ray examination of lungs. Throughout the course of treatment the patient is under a doctor's supervision. In addition, there are dosimetric laboratories in sanatoriums of Jachymov. They control the level of radon in air and water permanently and very carefully.

Curative procedures in sanatoriums of Jachymov include:

Hydrotherapy: natural thermal bath , pearl mineral bath, underwater massage , hydroxeur , natural carbonic bath , whirlpool baths for upper or lower limbs. These procedures help to improve blood supply, normalization of metabolic processes, improve the condition of bones and cartilage tissues, improve immunity.
Electrotherapy. Includes such procedures as magnetic pulse field, laser therapy, ultrasound, and diathermy. Variable frequency currents warm tissues and help to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Electrotherapy also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on a body.
Treatment by natural gas. Natural gas injections, dry carbon dioxide baths, carbonic bath. Improves circulation, has analgesic effects.
Physiotherapy: classical, reflex, partial massages, exercises in pool, the mobilization of spine, ergotherapy. It helps especially in vertebra diseases and postoperative conditions.
Special therapy: brahiradiumterapiya, radiotherapy.

How the radon treatment affect organism?

When having the radon bath, soft ionizing radiation activates a chain of physiological reactions in organism, including cellular level, thereby:
reduce pain, improve joint and muscles flexibility, stimulate regenerative processes
normalize blood pressure
regenerate tissues and remove free radicals from body
activate immune system
activate hormone production
promote the growth of new cells
Radon therapy is very gentle. It does not make the heat load on body. It is well tolerated by older people, even with diseases of cardiovascular system . Moreover, radon treatment is prescribed for peripheral vascular disease , such as vasospastic disorders , anemia in atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, vein inflammation.
Typically, first few days after the passage of therapeutic treatments most patients feel so-called "resort reaction ".Because, all in all, a spa treatment is a certain stress for body. It is manifested in overall weakness, in some cases, in worsening of chronic diseases. However, this effect passes after 2 weeks staying at the resort. In most cases, health improving lasts for more than six months. After the course of radon treatment many patients refuse of painkillers.

Contraindications to treatment in Jachymov

Acute stage of all chronic diseases

Acute bleeding
Cancer metastasis
Liver cirrhosis
Biliary tract infection
Active tuberculosis
Acute cardiac failure

Radon treatment is not recommended to pregnant women, children and youth under 18 years, patients who had undergone operational treatment of cancer and chemotherapy during the last 2 years.

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