What is treated in Heviz?

The indications for treatment in Heviz resort are:

Musculoskeletal system diseases

all kinds of degenerative joint diseases, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis, radiculitis, muscle diseases, abnormal curvature of the spine, injury and orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation.

Peripheral Nervous System Diseases

nerve roots and plexuses compression after the intervertebral discs violations; dorsalgia, neuralgia and neuritis, postlaminectomy syndrome (condition after herniated discs surgery).

Gynecological diseases

chronic inflammation of the pelvic, infertility, menstrual irregularities, genital hypoplasia, menopause problems.

Metabolic disorders

podagra, diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases.

Some gastrointestinal tract diseases

lack of stomach acid, chronic gastritis.

How the treatment in Heviz passes?

Spa treatment begins with a consultation with doctorbalneologist, who will update your diagnosis with additional analyzes, if necessary. He will estimate all the possible contraindications and set a course of medical procedures in the health resort and also different water treatments in the thermal lake of Heviz.

The main Heviz treatment is:
Bathing in thermal water lake of Heviz.
Lake water is hydrocarbonate, it is full of magnesium, calcium, sodium.
How to pass right water treatment in thermal lake?
First of all, you have to be consulted by doctor-balneologist before taking bath in Heviz lake. You need to know that the duration of one time bathing must be no more than 20-30 min. The recommended limit for one day in thermal water is from 1 to 1,5 hours. By the way, the balneologists say that passive swimming is more healthy than active. But bathing in lake for children less than 14 years is not recommended because of water bad influence on hormonal system.
What kind of curative effect the Heviz lake has?
Heviz thermal water has complex therapeutic effect on a body.
For example:
indifferent water temperature relaxes the connecting muscles;
hydrostatic pressure of the water in Heviz lake improves the blood circulation in veins, reduces swelling;
the high concentration of minerals normalizes metabolism in cartilage, that raises working ability of joints, improves metabolic processes in skin and tissues, has an antiinflammatory effect, lowers blood preassure, raises immunity;
slight radon emitting has a positive effect on self-healing, also on immunity because of working hormone stimulation, that lead the activity of adrenal glands;
chemical structure of Heviz water stimulates the production of estrogens, which helps in curing different gynecological problems.
Thermal sources of Heviz, which have great amount of sulfur, calcium and magnesium, are also used for appointing the therapeutic drinking course. Drinking thermal mineral water is recommended for enhancing the effect of swimming in Heviz lakes. Sulfur gets into the connective cartilage, prevents the growth of degenerative processes. Calcium and magnesium act as an antiseptic for inflammations of the gastrointestinal tract and bladder, help with osteoporosis.

Peat mud treatment of Heviz lake
Peat muds of Heviz lake have a small amount of natural antibiotics, and their smell are not bad.
How the mud treatment goes?
In health resorts of Heviz mud treatment is lead as a general and local applications.
General applications is when the mud is put on a body by hands or with hose accept the head, neck and heart areas. The temperature of mud is reaches 45 degrees. After 20 min the mud is washed and the procedure finishes with 15-minutes dry wrapping.
The local applications are lead only in specific areas, especially for those who have joints problems.
What curative effects has peat mud?
Mud procedures reduce the inflammation and painful spasms of the musculoskeletal system, joints pain, muscle tension, stimulate the nutrition of cartilage and connective tissues, intervertebral discs, remove slags, stimulate blood circulation, have a good effect on skin, stimulate the immune processes in the body.
Effective treatment on Heviz resort is, first of all, combined influence of balneological and curative procedures on a body. That is why each sanatorium has an individual treating program with the complex of procedures:
Hydrotherapy: thermal pools and baths, drinking treatment corse, pearl baths, jet massage, hydromassage.
Electropathy: galvanization, diadynamics, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, iontophoresis.
Fangotherapy: mud applications and wraps.
Physiotherapy: massage therapy, medical gymnastics, traction of the spine.
Dietetic food: in sanatoriums after the doctor recommendation nutritionist makes an individual dietary menu.

Contraindications for treatment


uncompensated thyroid disease
subcompensated diabetes
unstable arterial hypertension
circulatory failure
came through myocardial infarction
heart defects
tendency to thrombosis
bronchial asthma with frequent attacks
Grave’s disease (diffuse toxic goiter)
skin diseases in the acute stage and with the extensive lesions of skin
the first six weeks after the therapeutic X-ray treatment
all stages of radiation sickness
any stage of pregnancy, lactation period.

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