Frantiscovy Lazne

What is treated in Frantiskovy Lazne?

The main feature of the resort is a presence of natural muds with the unique chemical composition. They are used in the form of mud baths and appliques for the treatment of gynecological diseases. Here there are treated women with chronic inflammation of internal genital organs, with impaired function of the ovaries and the uterus, sterility.

In addition, the resort provides treatment of:

locomotorium diseases

Pain in muscles, tendons, joints and back, non-articular rheumatism, arthrosis of large (knee, hip) and small joints, osteoporosis, degenerative diseases of vertebra and large joints, traumatic and postoperative orthopedic treatment.

Cardiovascular system:

Ischemic heart disease rehabilitation after myocardial infarction and surgeries, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, post-inflammation treatment of heart.

The circulatory system:

Hypertension, heart failure, after thrombosis and thrombophlebitis treatment.

How the treatment in Frantiskovy Lazne passes?

Treatment in Frantiskovy Lazne is based on complex use of local natural resources, namely:
sulfur-ferrous peat, thermal mineral water and natural carbon dioxide.

Regardless nature of the disease, spa treatment in Frantiskovy Lazne always begins with a checkup of physician-balneologists. After refinement of the diagnosis (if necessary with additional laboratory tests), you will be assigned a drinking course of thermal mineral water and health procedures. A drinking course of thermal mineral water is prescribed for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, respiratory system.

How gynecological diseases are treated in Frantiskovy Lazne?

The focus of the resort is on the treatment of primary and secondary infertility also inflammatory diseases, disruptions of a menstrual cycle, menopausal complications. An individual treatment for each patient, arrived at the resort, is appointed by an experienced gynecologist.

Course of treatment includes:
Mud treatment, which is performed in the forms of:
mud baths. The bath temperature is 40-45 C °, the duration 15-20 minutes. During this time thermoregulatory processes are activated in a body. mud tampons. This is a special gynecological procedure, in which a mineral mud has hormonal effects. The result is increased blood circulation of pelvic organs. This procedure has the greatest effect in combination with mud baths and appliques. mud wraps. The mud wraps principle is the same as mud baths
Water cure.
Thermal mineral water is used for vaginal Irrigations and is an effective addition to mud treatments.

Natural gas treatment (gynecological gas baths).

Exercise therapy (by Moyzhishova method) - with her help many women were treated from infertility.

How cardiovascular diseases are treated in Frantiskovy Lazne?

For accurate appointment of the treatment course doctor with a help of ECG, echocardiography and laboratory blood tests will evaluate the condition of heart and blood vessels. Then you will be prescribed a treatment plan. Usually it includes:
Treatment by natural gas (gas injections, dry carbon dioxide baths).
Water procedures (underwater massage, whirlpool baths).
Mud (paraffin wraps).
Electrotherapy (magnetic therapy, ultrasound).
Physiotherapy (exercises in a pool).
Cure is made even for patients after pacemaker implantation.

How diseases of locomotor system are treated in Frantiskovy Lazne?

Diseases of locomotor system are treated by:
Hydrotherapy: natural thermal bath , pearl mineral bath, underwater massage , hydroxeur , natural carbonic bath , whirlpool baths for upper or lower limbs. These procedures help to improve blood supply, normalization of metabolic processes, improve the condition of bones and cartilage tissues, improve immunity.

Treatment by natural gas. Natural gas injections, dry carbon dioxide baths, carbonic bath. Improves circulation, has analgesic effects.
Mud treatment. Natural medical mud, which is used in such procedures as mud wraps, mud baths, parafango. They relieve muscle spasms, pain, stimulates regenerative processes in tissues, improves the condition of locomotor system.

Electrotherapy. Variable frequency currents warm tissues and help to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Electrotherapy also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on a body. The gist of the method is riddance of pain and pain impulses by stimulating nervous system with little force electrocution.

Physiotherapy. This is individual and group therapeutic exercises in the pool and gym, training on a stationary bike. It helps a lot in vertebra diseases and postoperative treatment.

Contraindications to treatment in Frantiskovy Lazne

Acute stage of all chronic diseases

Acute bleeding
Cancer metastasis
Liver cirrhosis
Biliary tract infection
Active tuberculosis
Acute cardiac failure

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