Quisisana Palace


Quisisana Palace


The newly opened Quisisana Palace will enchant you at first glance with its unmistakable elegance - inside as well as out. Built at the end of the 19th century, the hotel combines elements from the Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic and Neo-Baroque styles.

The 19 majestic rooms and suites as well as the unique café restaurant offer genuine tradition without having to forego modern comfort. Enjoy "lifestyle with a special touch" during every moment of your stay at the Quisisana Palace.

Location The Quisisana Palace is very easy to find, as it is located directly on the small, enchanting River Teplá and in the direct vicinity of the sophisticated Carlsbad shopping area. See it for yourself - including the extravagant charm of the newly opened luxury boutique hotel.

The Quisisana Palace Carlsbad from a historical perspective. In the centre of Carlsbad, on the famous Marienbadstraße, the impressive Quisisana building was constructed during the golden age of the town from 1887-1888. Anton Pupp, a member of the fourth generation of the one of the most well-known and wealthiest families, built this jewel for his wife Maria, who came from the Mattoni family, which was also very well-to-do. Built in the Historicist style, the building combines elements from the Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic and Neo-Baroque styles. The Quisisana was already fascinating at first glance back then with its richly adorned facades and the fanned out balconies. Until the death of Anton Pupp in 1907, the prominent building served not only as a residence for the Pupp family, but also as a guest house for their numerous visitors.After the First World War, Emilia Pupp-Knoll transformed the property into a health resort with guests from all over the world and experienced great success with it until the 1930s. Used temporarily as a military hospital for German soldiers in the Second World War, the Quisisana then became an officers' quarters for the Russian Red Army. After some turbulent years, the elegant building became the property of the city of Carlsbad in 1960. From that time onwards - and also after 1989 - various tenants lived in the rooms and suites. As no more renovation work was conducted during this time, the Quisisana fell visibly into disrepair until the city decided to sell the famous building in 2005. It was lovingly and authentically renovated until 2012 and is now open to discerning guests from around the world as the Quisisana Palace.



  • USG - urological tract , prostate
  • USG abdominal organs
  • Minor surgical procedures


  • Gastroscopy (esophagus , stomach, duodenum) + urea test+ biopsy
  • anoscopy
  • Sigmoidoscopy (= partial colonoscopy) , including consultation
  • Full Colonoscopy, including consultation
  • general consulatation
  • polypectomy
  • histology
  • proctological examination
  • hydrocolon


  • abdominal cavity sono
  • thyroid sono
  • breast sono
  • joint or muscle sono
  • doppler blood vessels sono
  • doppler blood vessels of lower limb sono
  • epigastric (liver, gallbladder and bile ducts , pancreas , spleen) + consultation


  • consultation + examination by a gynecologist (classical vaginal examination, small pelvis organs - uterus ultrasound, fallopian tubes, ovaries)
  • oncocytology - test , result


  • RTG - Heart + Lung
  • RTG - abdomen
  • RTG - joints (1) fingers (1) - HK or DK
  • RTG - spine (one section : C or L or Th)
  • RTG - skull
  • RTG - ribs and sternum


  • Consulting with cardiologist (2.500, - CZK + 1.250, - CZK)
  • ECHO heart
  • Ergometry
  • Holter
  • Holter ECG
  • EKG


  • Oxygen therapy
  • Electro-aerosol inhalation
  • ultrasound inhalation
  • underwater massage
  • Kneipp hydrotherapy
  • gum irrigation
  • carbonated bath
  • Dry carbon bath
  • paraffin
  • PAKU - Pneumoacupuncture
  • electrotherapy
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Biolamp
  • reflexology
  • psychosomatic medicine
  • parasitic examination
  • laboratory tests

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