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Fly to Havana From Toronto with Altair Travel

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9 Nov

Famous for its celebrated history, iconic architecture, and one-of-a-kind culture, Cuba is the perfect destination for travellers looking to experience an unforgettable holiday. Exclusively with Altair Travel, you can take advantage of charter flights from Toronto to Havana.Rather than spending all winter trudging through a snowy landscape in heavy winter coats and boots, enjoy the idyllic scenery in Cuba’s capital city. Havana, fondly...

Fly with Air New Zealand to South Pacific and Save!

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31 Oct

COME BACK TO ITALY AND FALL IN LOVE AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIMEPerhaps you've already stood inside the storied walls of the Colosseum or marvelled at the chiselled lines of the statue of David. Maybe you've cruised through the most romantic of ancient canals. Even if you've experienced the highlights of Rome, Florence and Venice, there's an entire country of diverse regions, people, traditions and cuisine you haven't seen, experienced or tasted in...

Fly to New York from Toronto with Altair's Scheduled Flights!

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26 Oct

Are you ready to wake up in the city that never sleeps? Pack your bags and fly to New York from Toronto with Altair's scheduled flights! We are experienced at finding the lowest fares possible on a wide range of airlines offering quick and convenient service to the big apple. Save money and take advantage of our expertise in searching multiple resources to make your exciting trip to New York affordable and unforgettable. Whether you...

Fly the Charter to Lisbon from Toronto!

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20 Oct

Portugal is one of the world's loveliest places. Located next to Spain, Portugal has much to see and do. From the sunny coast to the interior with plenty of castles and history, Portugal has been a favored destination for centuries. While many people love the entire country, the heart of Portugal is the capital of Lisbon. Lively, elegant Lisbon makes an ideal getaway at any time of the year. When planning a trip to Lisbon, the right...

Fly to Minsk with Altair Scheduled Flights!

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13 Oct

The nation of Belarus has many things to see and admire. A trip here to enjoy the sites and visit with friends and family at the same time makes the ideal way to forge connections with others in a relaxed setting. Many people also choose to visit Belarus in order to do business. The capital of Belarus is Minsk. Luckily for Toronto residents, flights from Toronto to Minsk are easy to book and plentiful. When booking flights from Toronto to Minsk,...