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15 Nov

Costa Pacifica is one of the world's largest cruise ships, with a 1000-member crew and a maximum capacity of 3000 passengers. This beautiful vessel offers cruises through the Western Mediterranean and Europe, making it easy for patrons to find the perfect Mediterranean cruises from Toronto. 

Mediterranean West Cruise Trips From Toronto

Any season is ideal for a mesmerizing Mediterranean cruise on the Costa Pacifica. After booking cruise trips from Toronto, visitors will discover all the unique and intriguing sights and sounds offered by western Mediterranean seaports. With wonderful destinations along the way, such as the Balearic Islands, French villages, Italian cities and Spanish islands, the journey is sure to be an unforgettable adventure from beginning to end. Passengers often feel as if they are literally sailing through history, as they experience the culture, art and natural beauty associated with each port of call along the way. 

The Best All-Inclusive Vacation

Many people prefer all-inclusive vacations, and no trip is more enjoyable than a beautiful Mediterranean cruise. Because everything is paid for in advance, passengers can enjoy food, scenery, entertainment and everything else the Costa Pacifica has to offer in a stress-free environment. With numerous options from which to choose, travelers can select the cruise that best suits their needs, regardless of their lifestyle or budget.

Features and Amenities

Most Costa Pacifica vessels have over 1500 cabins, many with private balconies and direct access to the ship's spa. The vessels also feature five restaurants offering state-of-the-art cuisine, and over ten lounges and bars with live entertainment and dance floors.

Theaters, casinos, shopping areas, libraries, swimming pools, children's centers and discos complete the broad entertainment venue offered by cruise vessels in the Costa Pacifica line. With so many amenities, it is easy to see why Mediterranean West cruises on the Costa Pacifica are so popular among travelers throughout the world.

When searching for Mediterranean cruises from Toronto, travelers should visit to discover all their options and ensure they obtain the most affordable price for their cruise package. Anyone who chooses cruise trips from Toronto will find the enchanting Mediterranean a perfect place to create unforgettable memories.

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